*  I understand that once my order has been placed, my order will be finalized immediately, and no changes can be made.
*  I have reviewed my order to ensure that the sizes and items ordered are correct.
*  I understand that NO REFUNDS will be provided due to any errors in sizing;  I have witnessed and approved the items and sizes that I am ordering.
*  I have read and understand the washing/garment care instructions and understand that if they are not strictly followed, neither the merchant/vendor, nor Prodigy All-     Stars will replace any garments.
*  I understand that by checking here, this will serve as my electronic signature, and acknowledgement. 
*  I understand that all practice wear orders will be filled in the order received.  I understand that although Prodigy All-Stars has pre-ordered an inventory of all items to have on hand and be able to pack and distribute as quickly as possible, my order/delivery could experience a delay due to sizes needed being out of stock.  Prodigy All-Stars will make every effort to ensure proper inventory is ordered within a timely manor; however practice wear is custom made for Prodigy All-Stars, therefore my order may have delays due to production times.  I further understand that Prodigy All-Stars will not refund my order due to production delays or delivery of my order.
*  Prodigy All-Stars reserves the right to buy back a uniform before delivery if needed. If we do so the card on file will be credited.